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Congratulations On Becoming A Team Mom

Whether you volunteered or were chosen by default, team mom duties are nothing to take lightly.  So much is involved in making sure your team is well prepared for the season.

As a team mom some of your responsibilities include ordering uniforms, communicating practice/game times, and keeping score… Okay, maybe keeping score is more reserved for a veteran team mom.  But that’s the point of this blog, it’s to turn you from a beginner to a pro.

I will post different topics to help guide you along your way.  Granted some of my methods will be directed towards travel ball and may not be applied towards recreational ball aka league play.  And that’s okay, because the beauty about free blogs is taking another person’s idea and conforming it to your style.  

My goal is to make your life as team mom an enjoyable and memorable one.  Even if it’s just for one season. Without further ado, let me the first to wish you good luck in your journey to becoming a great team mom!

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