About Me

First off, let me say that being a Team Mom is not something I’ve dreamt about as a child. In fact I was once a new parent to the world of baseball, and didn’t expect the efforts required to be as challenging as they were. In a way, I kind of stumbled into this role by helping out whenever I could. Over a short period of time I became the unofficial assistant team mom, collecting monies due, taking measurements for uniforms, or simply making an appearance when the team mom could not make it herself. This went on for a couple years until I decided to tackle the role once and for all.

I’ve been a team mom for over 3 years now, and each year it gets easier. Especially, since my focus is more towards travel ball. The set of parents are the same year round, and only when we acquire new players do I have to re-introduce my system.

As a married woman, my husband is extremely supportive of my second life, plus it helps that he is also a coach. Naturally, he understands all too well the factors that come with being a team mom. Of course, being there for my kid at every game and watching him learn and play the game is a memory I will cherish forever.

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